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Make sure your store is prepared to operate under new rules of engagement dictated by the global pandemic.

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Occupi - Occupancy Management Solutions

See how Occupi’s fully automated, unmanned occupancy solutions helps you:

  • Enable social distancing in a consistent, measurable way
  • Access occupancy control in an affordable, streamlined way
  • Maximize valuable human resources for customer service as opposed to queue management
Post COVID Readiness Checklist

Are your stores ready to reopen after extended closure due to COVID-19? Download our Readiness Checklist to find out.

Technology Solution Center

When it comes to managing technology, the devil is in the details. See how our Technology Solutions Center allows us to deliver on time, on budget.
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Thermal Detection Systems

Discover how technologies lead to a better customer experience.
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With 40 years of experience under our belt, we have an unprecedented ability to execute your complex, large-scale technology projects on time, on budget. Discover our comprehensive solutions and purpose-built services to support your complete technology needs.